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Blind Well

Blind Well


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Our Highly Skilled Players Play on Your Account to complete the selected Tiers and quantities of the Blind Well event on the Character(s) of Your Choice. 



  • Tier 2 Blind Well has a chance to drop a Seed of Light (one time drop), unlocking one of the new class trees added with Forsaken.
  • If you choose "Acquire Seed of Light", we will complete successive Tier 2 Blind Well events until the Seed of Light is attained or there are no more Charges of Light available (Up to 5). If no more charges are available, we will continue when more are present.



  • You must have at least one Charge of Light of the requested Tier level to begin service.
  • Minimum required power level is 500 for Tier 1, and 510 for Tier 2.